Developer Relations Event Recap
Tabs or Spaces, the Vienna-based consultancy specializing in developer communities, held its first Developer Relations event on June 27.
More than 40 participants came to hear an exceptional group of experts share best practices and provide useful tips on hiring developers and building strong relationships with developer communities.
As anyone working in HR today can tell you, recruiting developers is its own science and requires an entirely new toolset. The goal of the event was to provide participants with valuable insights into developer relations, give them the chance to meet industry experts and influencers face-to-face, and grow their network in a friendly and supportive environment.
The speakers came from a variety of backgrounds and covered a wide range of topics and fields. Some of the highlights of each talk included:

Natalie Korotaeva, CEO of Tabs or Spaces,
got things rolling with an overview of how companies can build a developer community and shared insights drawn from her personal experiences with running various tech events including hackathons and meetups, which are crucial for establishing strong developer relations.

Then she turned the mic over to Benjamin Ruschin, Managing Director of WeAreDevelopers, who spoke about how Tabs or Spaces can help companies close the gap separating them from developers and increase their visibility within existing developer communities.
How to build a developer community for your company – Natalie Korotaeva,Tabs or Spaces
How Tabs O rSpaces can boost your visibility in the developers community – Ben Ruschin, WeAreDevelopers
Hasib A. Samad, former Head of Mobile at N26, took the floor next and, based on his experience as team lead of a group of developers, gave the participants some very practical do's and don'ts on recruiting tech talent including the creation of tech tunnels.

Martyn Davies, Senior Developer Advocate at Algolia, gave the last talk before the much-anticipated first coffee break. Martyn presented several different approaches towards developer relations and the best ones for each kind of business. He also gave some useful tips on how companies can start implementing these strategies.
Hiring Tech Talents: Learnings - Best Practices - Do's and Don'ts – Hasib A. Samad, fr. N26
Developer Relations Strategy & Best Practice – Martyn Davies, Senior Developer Advocate at Algolia
After filling up on Java and making new friends, Martin Schürrer, CTO at PSPDFKIT, spoke about how his company avoids the hype and focuses on company culture and technical excellence to recruit software engineers.

Touching on an often-ignored aspect of Developer Relations, Yoana Dimova, hackathons at Female Tech Leaders, talked about the importance of diversity and building female-friendly communities and how to organize hackathons. She also spoke about the impact FTL has had on the Munich tech community and how its relies on a variety of events including speaker nights, workshops and hackathons to attract and empower new (female) tech talent.
How we attract and hire software engineers – Martin Schürrer, СTO at PSPDFKIT
How we built a female-friendly community – Yoana Dimova, hackathons at Female Tech Leaders
Following the second coffee break, Lubomir Drobny, Head of Engineering at Slido, sketched out the main principles to apply when hiring software engineers. His talk provided the HR people a valuable insight into how engineers see and experience the recruitment process.

Ladislav Vašek, University Relations and Internal Community Coordinator at,had the honor of giving the final talk of the day. With a lot of humor mixed in, Ladislav talked about the importance of local developer communities, and how connects developers with students and universities. His talk got people laughing and was the perfect segue to lunch.
Main principles we apply when hiring software engineers – Lubomir Drobny, Head of Engineering Slido
New territories - How we look for developers abroad and why we love beer – Ladislav Vašek,
The event seemed to be a big success with the participants. Anatoliy Yena, Founder of Yena GmbH, said for instance, "Do you realize that developers are special? Yes we do, but how do you change the environment in your company to attract super dev stars? Unlimited cookies or Coke in your office is not the way to attract IT gurus. Today, we got insights from top companies at #Tabsorspaces on how to keep and attract the best developers. Take a look at how Natalie Korotaeva designs environment guidelines for best communication between developers and your company."

Ewa Jankowska , BIM & Project Manager at ViewAR, also had some very encouraging words for the organizers of the event. She said, "What can be better than sharing industry insights in a relaxed atmosphere? From emphasizing the importance of personal contact during the hiring process (Hasib Samad, N26 ) up to talent headhunting during a hackathon on a train (Vladislav Vasek, Kiwi) - we spent an inspiring day talking about Developer Relations and hiring best practices. Thank you very much WeAreDevelopers and Tabs or Spaces for such a great event!"

In light of such positive feedback, Tabs or Spaces is planning a second Developers Relations event in 2018. Everything is TBA at the moment, but to receive updates, just follow Tabs or Spaces on Facebook.

If you don't know much about developer relations or are looking to learn more, you can find all the videos & presentations from the event on our website & Youtube channel.