We help you to create an organisational strategy for developer-centricity
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What we do
We help your organisation connect with developers

Organisational strategy for developer-centricity:
  • Recruiting strategy
  • Employer branding strategy
  • Marketing & sales strategy
  • Engineering culture strategy
  • Diversity strategy (for tech)
    Audit of your developer-centricity
    Developer advocacy programs
    Workshops & education
    Hackathons & events
    Online campaigns
    C-level coaching
    Market research
    Our mission
    Connecting with developers is challenging – no matter whether you are hiring, selling to or marketing to developers. Most companies do a mediocre job in connecting with developers. The most frequent reason: they don't have a strategy for developer-centricity.

    Our mission is to transform your company into a developer-centric organisation. It is our goal to close the gap that separates you from your target group of developers.

    How we work
    We audit your company to provide you with a better insight into where you need to improve. This gives you a clear picture of where your organisation stands and where improvements & actions are necessary.
    We design the strategies and activities in order to implement these measures in a disruptive way. We are developers and help you to move closer towards your target group.
    We guide you along the way in order to execute and continously improve your developer-centric strategy.
    The Team
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